Complex Designs: Making the Most of Corners & Edges

April 19, 2023 • Posted in Events

Your decorated plastic parts should look sharp — not be sharp.

At Sanwa, we always wrap corners and edges of in-mold labeling (IML) parts to ensure top quality and lend an improved aesthetic. While others might charge extra for the wrapping process, we factor it in with every quote. Our process is proven, patented, and improves the overall lifespan and durability of your product.

While corners and edges might take up a small percentage of your part’s overall surface area, the level of quality is in the details. If the profile line (the gap between the injection-molded part and decorative film) isn’t wrapped properly, it can show resin and increase a part’s tendency toward cracking or peeling.

iml corners and edges

Options for Corner and Edge Wrapping

There are two options for edge wrapping, and both have their advantages depending on a part’s shape, usage, and design. In either case, coverage around the corners, edges, and even straight lines transforms a good design to a great design.

On Top or Match Up

On Top or Match Up means that the IML panel is placed on top of a part. The top panel matches up with the back or rear part, and is slightly larger to cover the edges and corners as necessary.

From the Back or Rear Assembly

We also have the ability to load an IML panel from the back of a part. Depending on which side is going to be visible to the consumer, or how a part fits onto a larger product (like a car dashboard or washing machine), this option gives flexibility and the same level of quality.

iml edge wrapping
iml wrapped control panel

Benefits of Wrapped Corners and Edges

  • Avoid light leaking between surfaces.

  • Avoid seeing the transition of IML label to resin, clear or colored.

  • Improve durability by reducing the occurrence of peeling (even with tightly molded IML, labels on a flat surface can get caught and tear).

  • Improve aesthetics by ensuring straight, smooth wrapped lines.

wood grain iml part wrapped
wood grain in mold labeling edges

The Sanwa Difference

When an edge stops short, it can create problems down the road. So at Sanwa, we take the challenge of wrapping edges and corners head on. Let your designs get complex — add curves, corners, rims and bends. Talk with our team about possibilities, and get started creating your superior in-mold decorated product.

iml wrapped plastic part