Teaming Up with You to Drive Competitive Advantage

Responsiveness to customers’ needs is the heart of Sanwa’s philosophy. We continue to improve our technologies and our production processes, supporting our customers in their quest for competitive strength.

Our Process

From concept development through all project stages, we partner with customers, building positive relationships through effective communications, superior quality and consistent on-time delivery.

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Our Culture

We encourage employees’ innovative improvement ideas, continually fostering development of technologies, processes and services that enable Sanwa to support customers’ competitiveness.

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Our History and Global Holdings

The Sanwa Group began as Sanwa Screen Printing Company in 1977. The company has continued to grow through development of new products and technologies, adding new facilities and capabilities to serve broader markets.

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Sanwa is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint. Related initiatives include decreasing the amount of material that is disposed. An added program: recycling water used to clean painting booths/rooms.

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Why Sanwa

Major brands rely on Sanwa's ability to produce complex parts without sacrificing design details. We routinely print, paint, and etch on curved or wrap-around surfaces so that your consumers will know that your brand doesn't compromise on quality.

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