Innovation, leading-edge technology and our integrated supply chain partnership approach with our clients create value and strengthen our customers’ competitive advantage.

Design, Engineering and Quality

Customers rely on our in-house design and engineering capabilities to provide superior decorative technologies and production processes meeting their particular requirements. We encourage our clients to discuss how Sanwa can provide exceptional value in total cycle time and cost performance.

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Research and Development

The company’s one-stop approach encompasses investment in research and development service to support customers’ requirements for products and processes. For example, customers may request particular testing procedures.

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Sanwa’s extensive manufacturing capabilities assure customer satisfaction. We offer in-house decorative technologies and production processes, consistently manufacturing products that meet our clients’ quality requirements and meet delivery targets. We meet our clients’ needs for products ranging from automotive emblems and parts to appliance and home electronics control panel displays and other applications. We have earned our customers’ trust for our unswerving commitment to helping them meet their production goals.

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Tuning, Testing and Prototyping

Expect improved part quality performance and, in turn, elimination of delays caused by rejected product. We continue to focus on tuning standardization. Decreased tool tuning loops, faster tool tuning timing and improved part dimensional quality are among our key customer-focused strategies. Our prototyping and testing processes ensure consistently accurate production-molded parts.

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