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Sanwa produces superior in-mold decorated products and components so that you can drive competitive advantage.

The Complete Solution to All Your Parts Needs

Quality, service, innovation—our OEM products and components are produced entirely in-house making so that you can achieve consistent quality.

Emblems, Badges and Decals

Emblems, Badges and Decals

We offer the latest IML technology for the design and production of precision car emblems, badges and decals. These distinctive insignias can be mass produced using acrylic in mold labeling (IML), screen printing and painting through processes such as vapor disposition and sputtering.

Dashboards, Control Panels, and Overlays

Dashboards, Control Panels, and Overlays

Reliable, high-quality decorated components and responsiveness to our customers’ specific requirements provide a critical competitive edge. Applications range from automotive to consumer electronics, appliances, medical and consumer products, and more.

Decorative Trims and Injection Molded Parts

Decorative Trims and Injection Molded Parts

Sanwa's in-mold decoration (IMD) process produces fully-decorated parts with consistent quality. Our extensive capabilities from mold design and fabrication to mold maintenance and assembly make us the ideal one-stop manufacturer for your parts.

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Decorated Products

Our Capabilities

Count on Sanwa to deliver the consistent service, innovative solutions and technical expertise you need to meet challenging supply chain deadlines, while focusing on total cycle time/cost performance.

Industries We Serve

Our experienced, knowledgeable staff partner with customers to provide innovative design/production, world-class quality and consistent delivery performance in a broad range of industries.


Stylish, functional control panels for washing machines, microwave ovens, refrigerators, rice cookers and other appliances are consistently produced according to our customers’ quality standards. Utilizing our expert in-house design and production capabilities, we meet our clients’ deadlines for products that provide user-friendly control panel operation.

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Sanwa’s automotive customers value the company’s ability to mass produce emblems, using the latest technology. Its transparent resin technology, developed in-house, has been utilized on shift indicator display units and in other applications. Sanwa supports safe vehicle operation with its effective quality management system, guaranteeing world-class product quality.

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We produce a broad range of products for gaming and related markets. We work with our customers to provide distinctive ornaments and game accessories. Our innovative, experienced designers and engineering team meet quality, style and performance challenges, supporting company brands.

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Consumer products, medical and other markets — we strive to support our clients’ success through exacting quality and state-of-the-art technology, on-time performance and innovative solutions.

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Why Sanwa

Sanwa supports customer goals for quality and total cycle time. Key elements in our customer-focused service include unmatched performance in design/engineering and quality, research and development, manufacturing, and our tuning, testing and prototyping capabilities.

Why Sanwa