Achieving a High-End Look With Double Film In Mold Labeling

April 21, 2021 • Posted in In Mold Labeling

As technologies advance in the auto, appliance, aerospace and electronics industries, blending functionality with high-end design becomes ever more important for gaining a competitive edge. When you’re looking to match modern aesthetics with top-of-the-line performance, double film in mold labeling (IML) presents new opportunities to brand and showcase your product to customers seeking a high-end experience.

Double Film IML Washing Machine Panel

What is Double Film In Mold Labeling?

In mold labeling refers to the process of applying a label, graphic, or design directly onto a plastic piece during the injection molding cycle. Think of it this way: instead of layering a paper or plastic graphic adhesive on top of a product, IML allows for decorative accents to become a part of the product.

Double Film IML is our patented process of decorating a plastic part with two stacked layers of IML film. Whereas traditional IML allows for single-dimensional graphic effects, double film IML can elevate your pieces with a finished printed look on both sides, or a layered and multi-dimensional look on a single side.

Traditionally, the process of double film IML has been difficult, expensive, and challenging to master. With the patented and proprietary process we use at Sanwa, however, we are able to provide efficiency, high-quality, and creativity when it comes to delivering new sensory experiences to end users. While there is still a cost increase with the double film IML process, this exclusive and innovative system allows for time savings and a reduced risk of damage or blemishes during the printing process.

IML Double Film Process
Double Film Example

Double film in mold labeling (IML) presents new opportunities to brand and showcase your product to customers seeking a high-end experience.

double film iml example

What Can Double Film IML Be Used To Achieve?

The primary advantage of a double film IML printed piece is aesthetic excellence. Not only do double film IML pieces have the ability to achieve a rare multi-dimensional effect, they can also elevate the 360 degree appeal of a final product. This means, rather than creating a piece with a finished and unfinished side, double film IML can be used to present a polished front from various angles.

Additional advantages to double film IML printing include:

  • Longevity

  • Water resistance

  • Reduced reflectivity

  • New options for layered designs

As with typical IML, double film IML can be used to create or enhance decorative parts on a variety of high-touch products spanning home appliances, auto interiors, audio/stereo equipment, or aerospace components. These parts can include dashboards, control panels, emblems, decorative trims and more.

This specialized printing process reduces the threat of damage or peeling, and increases the lifespan of your premium products.

Contact Our Sanwa Team

Our Sanwa team has been offering high-quality IML services for over 35 years, helping our clients achieve durability, longevity, visual appeal and waste reduction for their plastic decorative pieces.

If you’re ready to bring a brand new sensory experience to your users, double film in mold labeling can be one way of delivering the unexpected. Brands that opt for double film printing are typically high-end, innovative, and focused on elevating their reputation to new heights.

To learn more about double IML options for your product, contact our Sanwa team. We are versed in problem-solving and production requirements, and prepared to formulate creative solutions that meet the needs of your final product and your customer. And with our entirely-in-house production line and decades of experience, we’re able to answer a range of questions and ensure your project’s success from start to finish.