30 Year Anniversary of Our Factory in Malaysia

March 25, 2024 • Posted in In Mold Labeling

This year, our Malaysia factory is celebrating 30 years of producing top quality in-mold components and graphic overlays for manufacturers around the world. In 1994, this location opened as the first overseas operation for Sanwa Screen Co., headquartered in Japan. Chosen for its proximity to a major sea port and local supply partners, Sanwa Screen Malaysia helps us turn all types of plastic-part visions into reality.

Capabilities and History in Malaysia

The main products we produce at the Malaysia location are automotive interior parts and home appliance panels (with over five million auto parts produced annually). We have 21 plastic injection machines, 23 printing machines and three spray booths to meet customers’ needs. The factory also offers insert molding, printing, pad printing, laser etching, and assembly — all in-house.

With 300 employees and 3,300 square meters (10,800 square feet) of factory space, we’re able to take on high-volume projects for some of the best-known appliance and auto manufacturers in the world. The factory’s three decades in business means benefiting from a workforce of experienced and loyal workers — 30% of employees have been with Sanwa over 10 years, and there are even some staff celebrating their 30th work anniversary with Sanwa Malaysia this year! The entire company greatly benefits from the knowledge and skill that these team members pass down to their coworkers.

in mold labeling sanwa malaysia
Pictured: Mr Yoshihide Goto (in blue) helped open Sanwa Malaysia 30 years ago. He is now the vice president of Sanwa Japan, and also the president of Sanwa USA and Sanwa Mexico.

The Benefits of the Malaysia Factory

The location near Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Port Klang (the fourth busiest port in Southeast Asia) opens up many doors of possibility when it comes to accessing the best delivery methods, and also connecting customers with our company’s other locations in the U.S., Thailand, China, Mexico and Indonesia.

There is also a group of localized business suppliers within a 30-minute circle of the Malaysia factory, providing raw materials, ink and paint. This business collective works as a team to support each other and provide excellent quality products and services. It also means cost savings on many raw materials that would otherwise be subject to import tax — resulting in added savings for Sanwa customers down the road.

Certifications and Support

The Sanwa Malaysia factory holds the following certifications: ISO 9001:2015 certified, ISO 14001:2015 certified, and IATF 16949:2016 certified. These all represent globally-recognized standards for quality management and continuous improvement in operations.

Its location in Southeast Asia also places it nearby technical support from Sanwa Screen Co. headquarters (a 1-hour time difference from Japan), as well as sister factories in Thailand and Indonesia. This means customers benefit from quick response times, and additional capabilities from nearby factories as needed. It’s a network that supports the highest needs of our customers — timeliness, quality and efficiency.

What’s in the Future for Sanwa Malaysia?

Currently, the Malaysia factory is looking to expand opportunities in the local automotive industry, as well as medical supplies. By specializing in layer printing, hair-line printing, and custom-designed color, they’ve also positioned themselves to be at the forefront of design innovation, blending artistic motifs with product performance.

And as always, our Sanwa team continues the journey to become more eco-friendly at all locations. Sanwa Malaysia currently has an internal recycling program for plastic waste, as well as a water circulation system to promote conservation and reuse. We are continually looking for ways to improve efficiencies and reduce waste during production at every step.

Get in Touch

When you reach out to our Malaysia location, you’ll speak with staff who speak English, Malay, Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, Hokkien), Tamil and Japanese. If you’re in the U.S. we invite you to contact us here and learn more about capabilities unique to the Malaysia factory. We’re available to answer your questions about shipping, importing, timelines, and more.